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Our ordering system uses Javascript and needs to store a 'cookie' on your computer in order to remember what you've put in the shopping cart. So, if you find that you cannot put items into the cart, please check that your browser has those features enabled (as it is possible to switch them off).

If you need help with the product themselves, we suggest that you visit Hirst Arts own website at http://www.hirstarts.com, they have a huge amount of information on how to use these products and it would be pointless for us to replicate that here.

The answers to a few questions that come up a lot are given below. If you have any other questions or problems then please use our contact form to drop us a line. We usually respond well within 24 hours.

When will an out of stock item be restocked?

One of two things generally prompts us to place a restocking order:

1. We reach a point where we need 30 moulds.

2. A customer orders something we don't have.

In the latter case we immediately place an order with Hirst Arts in the USA for the item our customer wants, anything else we need, and then bulk our order up to 30 moulds with others that sell well.

So if a mould that you want is out of stock, the best thing to do is to order it. This will prompt us to restock and the mould will be reserved for you and sent out immediately that we receive it (this usually takes 10-14 days).

Can you do a discount on multiple moulds?

No. Sorry.

Hirst Arts in the USA don't give us a special trade rate. We buy 30 moulds at a time to qualify for their best discount rate and save on postage. So you can work out for yourself what we're paying for them and if you do you'll see that there's no way we can offer a discount. If you want enough moulds that you qualify for a discount from Hirst Arts in the US then please buy direct from them. We're here for when you just want one or two, and/or want them fast.

Can I sell the blocks I produce?

Yes, within reason. Basically hobby use, i.e. selling off old models, anything business related you might need to buy a licence from him.

Be aware that there are some restrictions on what can and can't be done with Bruce's moulds, i.e. selling unpainted castings etc. For full details of the licence agreement please look here Hirst Arts Legal Statement

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