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Fieldstone Octagon Mould

This mould can be used to cast the special corner blocks and floor tiles for octagonal structures. It also includes an arrow slit, brick edging for windows, floor expander bricks and decorative teeth. However it does not contain ordinary blocks and should therefore be used in conjunction with another mould. The Fieldstone Wall Mould is particularly suitable and Hirst Arts own website contains instructions for building an Octagonal Tower using these two moulds.

Note that this mould is not recommended for beginners because although it is not particularly difficult to cast from, the octagonal nature of the structures make it harder to align the blocks correctly.

Mould #77
Price: £31.83
Stock Status: 1 in stock

This product can be found on our Hirst Arts Fieldstone moulds page, along with similar products that may be of interest to you.

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