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Terms & Conditions

Nobody likes to read this stuff and for the most part your/our rights and what you/we can and can't do is all covered by the UK and European. So instead of boring you senseless we'll just say a few words about the things that we like to check before we buy online:

Shipping Costs

Our shopping cart calculates shipping costs according to the weight of goods placed in it. Just put some moulds in the cart, select your country, and it will tell you what it will cost for shipping. In the event that our cart mechanism is unable to perform the calculation (e.g. goods too heavy), it provides a means of requesting a quote.

Out of Stock Moulds

Our web pages and shopping cart tell you what's in stock and if all items on your order are in stock, it will be sent within a couple of working days. If your order includes items that are out of stock we will most likely hold the entire order until we have restocked from the USA. This can take up to 14 days.

What if you want to return something?

The regulations say you can return stuff even if it's just a case of seeing it for real and thinking "Hmm, this isn't really what I wanted". While that's a nuisance for us we'd rather you were a happy non-customer who can say good things about us that a reluctant customer who can't. We want you to be happy in your dealings with us and if that means taking stuff back and giving a refund then we won't try to worm our way out of it.


1. The regs say you have to contact us within 7 days of receipt if you want to return something and while we're not going to gripe if you go a few days over that, please appreciate that the longer you leave it the more inconvenient it becomes for us. Please endeavour to examine the goods within 7 days and contact us if you want to return something.

2. It should be obvious, and the regulations agree, that any goods returned need to be returned safely, in original condition, and it's YOUR responsibility to ensure that happens. In particular, it is essential that you contact us before returning anything. We are a small company and we often work from home. Contact us BEFORE sending anything back so we can give you the most appropriate return address and know to look out for your package.

What happens if the goods don't arrive?

First of all it's worth pointing out that the Postal Services are not nearly so bad a people think. "It must have got lost in the post" is a convenient excuse for companies who messed up and didn't actually send the stuff. We are not one of those companies and things we send very rarely go astray.

But what if it does?

In short:
We'll organise a replacement however you'll have to wait until the Royal Mail has paid compensation.

An Explanation:
We obtain proof of postage for anything we send however the Post Office requires 15 day to pass before they consider anything to be "lost".
After 15 days we (as the sender) can submit a claim however the Post Office will generally want to contact our customer (as the non-recipient) to get them to fill in a form before they will give us compensation. Alas it usually takes the Post Office a few weeks to do this.
In the meantime the problem for us is that if we send replacement goods to the customer and the now satisfied customer doesn't bother to fill in the form, we don't get compensation.
Consequently on the rare occasions that something goes astray, we ask customers to understand that we're a very small company who can't afford to take those losses on the chin, and work with us to sort out the problem.

Privacy Policy

The details that you give us so we can process your order will be used for that purpose and none other. We will not send marketing emails. We will not give your details to anybody else.

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